Compassionate care and state-of-the-art treatment for breast cancer. 

logo_biOur partnership with Aurora Breast Center allows us to offer our patients exceptional detection and treatment of breast cancer.

No other facility in San Antonio has the Aurora MRI, the only FDA-approved MRI designed specifically for 3-D bilateral imaging of breast anatomy. Such advanced imaging can help find breast cancers in the very earliest, most treatable stages.
We also provide digital mammogram, breast ultrasound and breast MRI. We minimize the time gap between diagnosis and treatment of cancer by providing a full array of services in one location.
Following detection, Oncology San Antonio provides women with a comprehensive plan for both benign and breast lumps as well as cancer.

The key here is that we help ensure that we catch cancerous conditions early by having comprehensive programs fro both benign and cancerous conditions. Any women with a lump in her breast, even if she is told that it is benign is going to continue to worry. We have a program just for these patients as well as a comprehensive treatment program for breast cancer patients.
Look to The Breast Institute for compassionate, professional and personalized care for breast cancer treatment.


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