In memory of Dr. Zulfi Jaffar, MD

About In memory of Dr. Zulfi Jaffar, MD

Dr. Zulfi Jaffar is a board certified medical oncologist and a hematologist, as well as a Member of the Oncology San Antonio Cancer Care Network.

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In loving memory, we honor Dr. Zulfi Jaffar, a cherished member of the Oncology San Antonio Cancer Care Network. His profound contributions to the field of oncology and his compassionate care will forever be remembered.

Dr. Zulfi Jaffar, a respected board-certified medical oncologist and hematologist, left an indelible mark on the world of healthcare. Specializing in breast cancer, sarcomas, and genitourinary cancer, Dr. Jaffar’s commitment to patient well-being was unwavering.

Originally hailing from Dubai, Dr. Jaffar returned to his hometown after completing a fellowship in medical oncology and hematology at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York. His expertise and dedication led him to serve as the Chief of Oncology at Dubai Hospital. In 2006, Dr. Jaffar joined the Oncology San Antonio Cancer Care Network, where he practiced at multiple locations, including the Medical Center, Live Oak, and Mission Trail.

Dr. Jaffar’s medical proficiency encompassed a wide range of treatments, from chemotherapy and immunotherapy to targeted molecular therapy. His education included earning his medical degree at Dow Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan, and completing his internship at Civil Hospital in Karachi. He pursued further training through a residency at St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York and his fellowship in Medical Oncology and Hematology at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York.

Recognized for his excellence in healthcare, Dr. Jaffar was named a Top Doctor in San Antonio in 2011. His contributions to the field and his dedication to his patients made him an esteemed figure in the medical community.